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The Acta Fisiatrica Journal (ISSN 0104-7795) is a quarterly publication of the Instituto de Medicina Física e Reabilitação do Hospital das Clínicas and the Departamento de Medicina Legal, Ética Médica, Medicina Social e do Trabalho of the Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo, with the support of the Associação Brasileira de Medicina Física and the Fundação Faculdade de Medicina.

The Acta Fisiatrica Journal, is, primarily, directed at the increase of knowledge of the Brazilian community involved with rehabilitation, and thus, giving preference to studies carried out in Brazil; however, authors from other countries can send their scientific articles, as we understand that foreign contributions can supply new approaches to the problems experienced in this country.

Articles accepted for publication are those written by professionals from any area, as long as they are related to rehabilitation and meet the quality standards of the journal, according to the decision of the editorial board.

Since 2017-09-25 the submission of new articles should occour by GNPapers

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